Mobius/ HAPS

Mobius is a semi-rigid Helium airship that operates at altitudes ranging up to 20
kilometers to 30 kilometers above the Earth’s surface. An autonomous airship capable of
rapid deployment, reaching remote areas with modular payload-carrying capacity.

Value Propositions

Lower Latency

MOBIUS offers lower latency and higher data throughput, ensuring real-time communication and data transmission.

High Data Throughput

With its advanced communication systems, MOBIUS delivers high-speed data transfer for enhanced connectivity.

Rapid Deployment

MOBIUS can be swiftly deployed to remote areas, providing immediate access for surveillance, monitoring, and disaster response.

Flexible Coverage

MOBIUS adapts to various environments and applications, offering versatile coverage options.

Reduced Space Debris

Designed with sustainability in mind, MOBIUS contributes to reducing space debris, ensuring a cleaner orbital environment.


MOBIUS is equipped for future advancements, allowing for seamless upgrades and technological integration.


With lower operating and energy costs, MOBIUS offers a cost-effective solution for aerial surveillance and communication.


MOBIUS caters to a wide range of sectors including:

Surveillance & Monitoring

Equipped with advanced sensors and cameras, MOBIUS enhances surveillance capabilities for border security, disaster management, and environmental monitoring.

Communication & Connectivity

Providing high-speed internet access and communication services, MOBIUS bridges the digital divide and extends connectivity to underserved regions.

Remote Sensing & Earth Observation

Collecting data on weather, climate, agriculture, and natural resources, MOBIUS supports industries such as agriculture, forestry, and meteorology.

Commercial Payload Delivery

MOBIUS facilitates the delivery of payloads, including cargo and packages, to remote or hard-to-reach areas, improving accessibility and logistics efficiency.


MOBIUS employs state-of-the-art technology including:

Autonomous Operation

MOBIUS operates autonomously, minimizing human intervention and ensuring efficient aerial operations.

Modular Payload Capacity

With its modular design, MOBIUS accommodates various payloads, allowing for customization based on mission requirements.

Advanced Communication Systems

Equipped with advanced communication systems, MOBIUS ensures seamless data transmission and connectivity.

Semi-Rigid Helium Airship Design

The semi-rigid design of MOBIUS provides stability and endurance, enabling prolonged operations at high altitudes.

Sustainable Engineering

Designed with sustainability in mind, MOBIUS contributes to environmental conservation efforts by reducing carbon footprint and space debris.

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