Mobius: The Future of Aerial Mobility

Mobius, is a semi-rigid Helium airship designed to operate at altitudes ranging from 20 to 30 kilometers above the Earth's surface. Mobius is an autonomous airship capable of rapid deployment, reaching remote areas with modular payload-carrying capacity. With lower operating and energy costs, Mobius offers lower latency, high data throughput, rapid deployment, flexible coverage, and reduced space debris, making it a cost-effective and sustainable solution for various applications.

Aerostats: Low-Level Airborne Surveillance Solution

Aerostats, a lighter-than-air aircraft, Aerostat operates at altitudes below 2 kilometers above the Earth's surface. Tethered to the ground, it serves as a versatile platform for low-level airborne ground surveillance, communication relay, aerial photography, and environmental monitoring. With rapid deployability, flexible coverage, and advanced payload capabilities, Aerostat presents a lucrative investment opportunity in sectors such as defense, agriculture, and disaster management.

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Communication System


AEROSTATS Product Launch


Low Altitude Trials


High Altitude Trials


MOBIUS Product Launch

Awards & Recognitions

Shakti Processors
DRDO Dare to Dream – 2022
Underwater Diver Acoustic Communication Equipment
Delhi Police Open Innovation Contest – 2021
SIM Box Locator
MoU with Centre for Wireless System Design (C-WiSD)
Anna University for academic and research collaboration in the field of Wireless System Design

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